Distributed Architectures, Devices and Sensors, Memory and Storage Systems

The current Distributed Architecture domain is currently evolving very quickly because of the introduction in industrial and also public market of a multitude of cloud based proposals and peer to peer access to information. This evolution is related to the changes also in Devices and Sensors which for the first time allow the user to get access easily to the data provided by the second. We can now get a very huge quantity of information while we are mobile thanks to the advances in this domain. In the future, we expect this trend to accelerate with more functionality embedded in these devices and sensors for fog computing -termed as such since more processing is done closer to the user as compared to cloud computing. The both precedent evolution are also correlated to Memory and Storage Systems that allow the storage and the efficient access to ever larger datasets. Nevertheless, these domains are raising more and more the complex problem of Big Data management and there is a huge need to get a clearer view on these enabling technologies connected to the Application Challenges to be able to guide the way for future research.