Cliff Brereton leads the Hartree Centre created to deliver economic impact to UK Industry and commerce, through the use of advanced simulation and modelling in product design and R&D. The use of modelling and simulation in product, process and service design, enables better products and services to be developed as well as doing this faster and cheaper, reducing the time to value. The Hartree Centre was opened by the Chancellor of the Exchequer on February 1st 2013 and is a division within the Science and Technology Facilities Council. The Hartree Centre uses High Performance Computing, Big Data Analytics and Visualisation to provide its clients with better product design outcomes. Prior to Cliff commencing his role at the Hartree Centre, he spent 19 years with IBM in a range of sales, delivery and management roles, delivering 'value' to IBM clients either through Enterprise or Scientific products or services.

Area of Expertise: 
HPC and Big Data