Stichting Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica

CWI is the national research institute for mathematics and computer science in the Netherlands.  CWI participates with the Database Architectures research group led by Stefan Manegold.  The group fulfills a well-recognized leading role in system-oriented database research, both nationally and internationally.  The group has a long track record of publishing their fundamental research in leading international database journals (ACM TODS, IEEE TKDE, VLDB Journal), conferences (ACM SIGMOD, VLDB, IEEE ICDE, EDBT) as well as co-located workshops, and successfully participating in EU projects (e.g., EMILI, TELEIOS, LOD2, PlanetData, and most notably the Human Brain Project, one of the two EU FET flagship projects) and large national programs (MultimendiaN, COMMIT).

The group is known in particular for their pioneering work on hardware-conscious database technology, with a strong focus on data analytics, and for disseminating their research via their open-source columnar analytical database management system MonetDB , which is widely used in academia and business. The group also has a track record of founding successful start-up companies (DataDistilleries, VectorWise, MonetDB).  In 2009, CWI’s Database Architectures group won the prestigious 10-year best paper award of the VLDB conference for pioneering the column-store research area over the last decade. The group’s research is focused on bridging the gap between database architectures and demanding applications areas, such as large-scale data analytics (Big Data), data intensive scientific discovery (eScience), and semantic web

Funded by a Dutch national grant, CWI's Database Architectures research group has been building a large database machine --- the "SciLens cluster"  --- in order to assess their technology empirically on large data sets. Currently, the SciLens cluster provides a total of almost 2 PB of hard disk storage, 16 TB flash storage, 7 TB RAM, 1792 CPU cores, 8 high-end GPU cards, and high-bandwidth (40 Gb/s) Infiniband network.