Internet Memory Research

Internet Memory Research is a spinoff of the Internet Memory Foundation dedicated to Web archiving and web-scale extraction of information for professional use. Based in Paris, IMR operates the first large scale shared Web archiving platform in Europe to help public institutions (e.g. libraries, archives, heritage organizations) to engage in preserving content on the Web to enrich their collection. In addition to its archiving services, IMR has developed [M]ignify, the webscale sourcing platform for business and research for professional application (web intelligence, IR, data-driven services etc.). IMR crawls petabytes of web data per year and has developed methods and tools to organize and make this information useful for its clients. This platform is for instance used to power, the new Italian search engine from Tiscali. Adept of the ‘datacenter as a computer’ approach IMR is focusing on optimizing server design, datacenter architecture and coding of its applications to achieve the maximal efficiency. IMR has for instance co-designed a new class of servers with No Rack that reduces significantly the storage and compute unit price. IMR team members have extensive experience in FP7 projects. This includes the STREPS DOPA, Annomarket and Trendminer. IMR will bring to this project its experience in managing Petabytes of heterogeneous data from the Web.