ARM Ltd is a world renowned UK-based semiconductor IP company, whose most visible product is the ARM 32-bit RISC Processor family. This CPU family is the most widely used architecture in embedded systems. It is the architecture of choice for more than 80% of the high-performance embedded products in design today. When ARM pioneered the concept of openly licensable IP for the development of 32-bit RISC microprocessor-based SoCs in the early 1990s, it changed the dynamics of the semiconductor industry forever. By licensing, rather than manufacturing and selling its chip technology, the Company established a new business model that has redefined the way microprocessors are designed, produced and sold. More importantly, ARM has shaped a new era of next-generation electronics: ARM Powered microprocessors are pervasive in the electronic products we use, driving key functions in a variety of applications in diverse markets, including automotive, consumer entertainment, imaging, microcontrollers, networking, storage, medical, security, wireless, smartphones and most recently netbooks and low-power servers. ARM licenses its IP (e.g. single and multi-core CPUs, AMBA coherent buses, cache, DMA and memory controllers) to a network of more than 200 Partners, which includes some of the world's leading semiconductor and system companies, including 19 out of the top 20 semiconductor vendors worldwide. These Partners utilize ARM's low-cost, power-efficient core designs to create and manufacture microprocessors, peripherals and SoC solutions. As the foundation of the company's global technology network, these Partners have played a pivotal role in the widespread adoption of the ARM architecture. To date, ARM Partners have shipped about 20 billion ARM microprocessor cores.

ARM has strong commitment towards leading edge research in multi-core architectures, high performance systems, low-power servers, software tools and platforms and has participated in the 6th and 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission in projects like HIPEAC1, HIPEAC2, SARC, EMUCO, Encore and EuroCloud. Along with the recent introduction of the ARMv8 architecture, ARM announced the development of 64bit processing capability. This not only opens ARM based solutions to address the demands of Big Data, it also opens the highly successful IP based model, and the delivery of application specific system on chip solutions for Big Data. Traditionally, the processor in such enterprise systems and the platform structure is fixed, only allowing the optimization of limited aspects of the system. This drove forward a one size fits all solution. In addition to now providing the compute capability, the ARM SoC based ecosystem will be able to offer the breadth of innovation found in consumer electronics to the challenges of Big Data. Various companies such as NVidia, AMD, and TI have all announced their intent to deliver SoC optimized solutions.

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