RETHINK big face-to-face meeting in Paris

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Face-to-face meeting in Paris June 2015Paris (France) welcomed the RETHINK big partners on the 24th of June to hold a new face-to-face meeting, the one corresponding to the 18th month of the project. With the aim at advancing on the roadmap strategy, the participants shared a summary of the interviews that they had been doing with key Big Data stakeholders over the last months. The meeting sought to synthesize findings so far and analyze the hardware and networking situation for Big Data in Europe, contributing to the evidence-based strategic overview that is informing the RETHINK big roadmap.

The meeting was also fruitful as it gave rise to a discussion about the roadmap and it made also possible to collect valuable concerns, expectations and recommendations.

This internal meeting follows the working group meeting held last September in Madrid (video), and a synthesis workshop, held in Barcelona last January.

If you’re working in a related area and would like to get involved in shaping the RETHINK big roadmap for European Technologies in Hardware and Networking for Big Data, we’d love to hear from you: contact