Living in a sea of data: RETHINK big participates in Fundación Telefónica conference series on Big Data

Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Living in a sea of data

Vivir en un mar de datos. Big Data: internet de las cosas y de las personas (Living in a sea of data: Big Data, the Internet of Things and People) is the theme of a series Spanish-language Big Data-related conferences organized by Fundación Telefónica, the non-profit arm of the Spanish telecommunications Telefónica. Invited speaker Consuelo Gonzalo of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid represented the RETHINK big project in the first of the series on March 24 in Madrid.

In her presentation, Consuelo provided an overview of the RETHINK big project, setting out how it is working to ensure Europe’s leading role in the data-driven world. Her presentation considered the reasons behind the drive to ensure maximum value is extracted from Big Data, key challenges to address, application areas, enabling technologies and project conclusions so far. She also spoke about RETHINK big's link to the Big Data Value contractual Public Private Partnership and the wider European Big Data landscape.

You can download the presentation below.

Video streaming of the conference