A 'giant' collaboration: RETHINK big teams up with HiPEAC

Thursday, July 31, 2014
Front cover of HiPEAC newsletter issue 39 Image of RETHINK big article in HiPEAC newsletter issue 39


HiPEAC, the European Network of Excellence on High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation, aims to direct and develop European research in the area of high-performance and embedded computing systems, as well as to encourage cooperation between academia and industry on the one hand, and computer architects and tool builders on the other. Bringing together the key stakeholders in high-performance computing (HPC) in Europe, HiPEAC represents a core component of the HPC landscape. In other words, the network provides the ideal means to reach the HPC community and anyone interested in the latest developments in computing research and development.

RETHINK big is featured in the July edition of the HiPEAC newsletter, with news about how the roadmap we’re creating to help Europe combine its strength in hardware and software to become world leaders in the area of big data. Read all about our work on page 18 of the newsletter, available for download from the HiPEAC website.

We’ll also be participating in the HiPEAC Computing Systems Week taking place in Athens from 8-10 October 2014, delivering a special session on hardware, networking and security for big data. Further information coming soon – watch this space.