Cisco announces intention to acquire RETHINK big partner ParStream

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The technological multinational Cisco has reported its intention to acquire RETHINK big partner, ParStream.

ParStream is an award-winning company, based in Cologne, Germany, which has created a high-performance analytical database system tailored to Big Data challenges. Their analytics database allows companies to work with Big Data and store it anywhere in the network in real time. ParStream’s technology allows fast data management, even on the largest scale, providing a solution of particular relevance as the Internet of Things gains momentum.

In the words of Rob Salvagno, Cisco’s VP for Corporate Business Development: “Analytics are at the heart of Cisco’s strategy for a hyper distributed intelligent infrastructure” and the acquisition of ParStream “complements Cisco’s current data and analytics portfolio”. Members of the ParStream team will join the Data and Analytics Group when the acquisition closes, expected to happen in the second fiscal quarter of 2016.

To find out more about the acquisition, visit the Cisco News Blog. For more information about ParStream, check out their partner profile on the RETHINK big website or their company webpage.